samba4 domain problem

Keresztes Péter-Zoltán zozo at
Fri Apr 19 16:54:03 MDT 2013

Hello I have a problem with my domain dns. 
After I have started the samba when I try to start the named service I am getting the following error:
[root at demo ~]# service named restart
Stopping named:                                            [  OK  ]
Starting named: 
Error in named configuration:
/usr/share/samba/setup/named.conf:15: open: /var/lib/samba/private/named.conf.update: permission denied

my /usr/share/samba/setup.named.conf look like this:

# This file should be included in your main BIND configuration file
# For example with
# include "${NAMED_CONF}";

zone "${DNSDOMAIN}." IN {
	type master;
	file "${ZONE_FILE}";
	 * the list of principals and what they can change is created
	 * dynamically by Samba, based on the membership of the domain controllers
	 * group. The provision just creates this file as an empty file.
	#include "${NAMED_CONF_UPDATE}";
	include "/var/lib/samba/private/named.conf.update";
	/* we need to use check-names ignore so _msdcs A records can be created */
	check-names ignore;

# The reverse zone configuration is optional.  The following example assumes a
# subnet of

zone "" in {
	type master;
	file "";
	update-policy {
		grant ${REALM_WC} wildcard * PTR;

# Note that the reverse zone file is not created during the provision process.

# The most recent BIND versions (9.8 or later) support secure GSS-TSIG
# updates.  If you are running an earlier version of BIND, or if you do not wish
# to use secure GSS-TSIG updates, you may remove the update-policy sections in
# both examples above.

I would really appreciate some help.


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