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David Mansfield samba at
Mon Apr 15 08:31:18 MDT 2013

On 04/15/2013 10:13 AM, David Mansfield wrote:
> On 04/15/2013 07:15 AM, Alexis wrote:
>>>    samba-tool dns add <dnsserver> my.domain @ MX 
>>> " 10"
>> Yes that's it.
>> But now can you read it?
>> With samba-4.0.4:
>> samba-tool dns query <dnsserver> my.domain @ MX shows me all my records
>> (I mean the whole domain !!) I can see the newly created MX though.
>> dig @localhost my.domain A found the right A record.
>> but
>> dig @localhost my.domain MX doesn't find the MX record.
>> and I've got this line in samba logs: Got unhandled type 15 query.
>> My /etc/resolv.conf
>> domain my.domain
>> nameserver
>> Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?
>> Any comment would be apreciate.
> I'm hitting the exact same problem. In my case I have a samba 4.0.1 DC 
> which was my only DC.  It has been working for a while and is still 
> working for querying MX records.  I added a 4.0.5 DC on another 
> network, and it will NOT resolve MX records, with the exact same 
> symptoms: samba-tool dns query will show the records, but a query 
> against the server returns NXDOMAIN.
> Seems something broke possibly in a version > 4.0.1, or possibly with 
> the way DNS is replicated.

Ok.  I forgot something important.  I have been running 4.0.1 with a 
patch from the bug report:

I'll apply this on top of my 4.0.5 code and see what happens. Should fix 
it is my guess.

To the original poster, check out the bug report and you should patch 
your code then rebuild and install new binaries.

To samba maintainers, please incorporate this critical bug fix!

David Mansfield
Cobite, INC.

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