Weird behavior from the Mac OS X client and PowerPoint (Office?) and Photoshop ...

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at
Thu Apr 11 18:21:05 MDT 2013

Hi folks,

In case anyone is interested, I am seeing really weird behavior from
the Mac OS X clients (Including 10.7.5.

When saving a file in-place (not using Save As) PowerPoint for the Mac
does the following:

1. Extend the file by some amount 512B at a time. Thus, there are 2048
SET_FILE_INFO requests to set EOF for each MB.
2. Write some amount of the file covered by the extend ...

When using Save As it does not do that. Saves are much faster.

I wonder if this is a problem with the Office suite or the Mac
libraries. It seems that Photoshop saves have similar problems, so it
might be a problem with Mac OS X libraries.

Richard Sharpe

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