Question to external PASSDB API users

Alexander Bokovoy ab at
Thu Apr 11 22:22:34 MDT 2013


I'm looking around to understand if there are any PASSDB API users outside
Samba and FreeIPA projects.

PASSDB API is a Samba API for modules in smbd to provide users/groups
storage backends. Inside Samba there are smbpasswd, ldapsam, and tdbsam.
Samba AD DC implements a glue module called pdb_samba_dsdb. There is
relatively limited pdb_wbc_sam for Winbind-like external providers. FreeIPA
implements an extension to ldapsam called ipasam.

Are there any other PASSDB modules maintained outside Samba source tree
that we don't know about?

There are few updates to PASSDB API in git master tree that I'd like to get
promoted to 4.0.x to simplify their maintenance and if there are no other
out-of-tree PASSDB modules, we can do the update since rebuilding Samba
will automatically get internal modules rebuilt.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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