Problems with DNS.

Aleix Dorca Josa adorca at
Wed Sep 26 11:26:49 MDT 2012


Allow me to present my objectives first:

- I have a Windows 2003 sp2 server with AD DC and DNS.
- I'd like to substitute it with a new Samba4 DC with DNS. All tests have been done with the internal server.

This is what I've accomplished so far:

- Install RC1 (also the latest git just to see if anything was different) following the HOWTO.
- Both versions compile fine and I'm able to join and replicate the Windows 2003 server just fine except for DNS.
- I'm able to join other machines and even log with previous one already joined on the domain.
- Creating and modifying users works just fine and changes are replicated accordingly.

The problems seem to be:

- Only part of the DNS replicates.
- The A record for the samba4.domain.local is missing on the Samba4 DC as is the domain.local record.
- I can access the server via port 53 udp but not using the samba-tool dns query where I get a 'WERR_DNS_ERROR_DS_UNAVAILABLE'


- Once the initial replication has been done where should the /etc/resolv.conf nameserver point to?
- During the initial replication it points to the Windows 2003 server as it seems logical. Once accomplished shouldn't it point to the local Samba4 dns server?

My final goal would be to:

- Declare Samba4's DNS as master. Windows 2003, when demoting always complains that the DnsDomainsZone and DnsForestZone are not replicated... (which is true). Can this be done or forced in any way?
- Transfer FSMO. This I've accomplished without problems.
- Demote Windows 2003.
- Live happily ever after.

Is all this procedure even possible?

Thanks a lot,


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