Fix for Quotas on MacOS

Björn JACKE bj at
Mon Sep 24 03:31:40 MDT 2012

Hi Andrew,

On 2012-09-24 at 18:45 +1000 Andrew Bartlett sent off:
> I was checking the build farm recently, and noticed that in autoconf,
> but not waf, the SerNet-imini host fails on the new 4B quota stuff.
> The attached fix is in autobuild, but I'm curious:  Do you have any idea
> how we got the 'non-dot-dot' in the first place?

I think this is the magic digraph feature of vim that I should probably turn
off because it causes more trouble than good. Thanks for catching that one! :-)

In waf you also don't see that error, because in waf the quota 4B interface
isn't built yet. First we still need to add the strict compile checks (-Werror
flag etc.) which are needed for some configure checks like for the quota and
kerberos tests. There's till some work ahead in that area ...


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