Samba4 RC1: bind DNS failure

Peter Clark pclark at
Thu Sep 13 12:53:57 MDT 2012

> On 13/09/12 20:30, Peter Clark wrote:
>> Isn't it supposed to be either/or now? Use BIND with DLZ or flatfile, or
>> convert everything over to Samba's internal DNS server (including all
>> your
>> other zones that were served by BIND but now need to be created with the
>> server admin DNS tool)?
> Hi Peter
> Phew. Just, 'including all your other zones that were served by BIND',
> makes us run away. But OK Yeah.
> What we were expecting with RC1 was 'as you were' as of the last beta9.
> RC's are normally as bulletproof as you can get them. But in this case
> we decided to introduce new features. Great for first adopters.
> Disastrous for those of us who have struggled through the years. .  How
> wrong could we have been.

Right, and BIND_DLZ works just as it has all along if you make the
appropriate change in the smb.conf as documented in the release notes -
I'm still running BIND_DLZ here with RC1 just fine. I was just observing
that I believe now people are going to have to make a choice - use the
internal DNS server and the associated GUI admin-kit tools, or keep using
BIND by disabling the internal server as shown in the release notes.

I'm going to play around with moving my zones to the internal server over
the weekend. Should be fun. But I'm a massochist like that.

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