Samba4 RC1: bind DNS failure

Peter Clark pclark at
Thu Sep 13 12:30:31 MDT 2012

Isn't it supposed to be either/or now? Use BIND with DLZ or flatfile, or
convert everything over to Samba's internal DNS server (including all your
other zones that were served by BIND but now need to be created with the
server admin DNS tool)?

> On 13/09/12 19:08, Ricky Nance wrote:
>> Were you messing with the internal dns stuff at one point? If so you may
>> have server services = +dns on make sure you have it -dns or just omit
>> it for bind9 dlz to work (as far as I know this hasn't changed to
>> default... yet).
> Hi Ricky
> Thanks
> Just omitting it doesn't work. samba thows a wobbly. You must have
> server services = -dns
> if bind is running.
> If it isn't running then all is fine except you lose all your bind
> config when samba goes down. What a pita.
> Ah well.

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