Howto receive fsnotify messages with libsmbclient.

Stef Bon stefbon at
Mon Sep 3 05:17:53 MDT 2012


recently Jelmer and I had a discussion about a question I have. I want
to enable the sending
fs noticy requests from the client to the server, and let the client
receive anything that the
server sends to the client when reporting an fs event the client is
interested in.

The sending of the notify request is not hard, it is the receiving of
fs events from the server.

How is it possible to make a FUSE fs like mine read the socket/fd's
used in libsmbclient?
Jelmer said that using these fd's is not easy, since in theory the
fd's may break down temporarly,
and using them in a direct way is not the way libsmbclient is designed.

Is it somehow possible make libsmbclient listen to incoming messages
send by the server?
(so in general, not only fs notify messages)


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