Adding creator owner support to nfs4:mode simple.

Alexander Werth werth at
Wed Oct 17 08:27:07 MDT 2012

Hi Nimrod,

On Tue, 2012-10-16 at 17:49 +0200, Nimrod Sapir wrote:
> Hi Alexander 
> I am trying to understand the benefit of the patch you provided.
> Ideally, I would expect that the "special:owner@" entry in gpfs will
> be translated into "CREATOR OWNER" when querying permissions using
> Windows, and vice-versa. If I understand correctly (based on what you
> have written and some tests I've done with the patch). The behavior
> I've seen, when using the patch, is that adding "CREATOR OWNER"
> permission through the windows explorer is translated If you do have a
> into "special:owner@" on gpfs and behaves accordingly, but still
> appears as user ACE in windows explorer (although subfolders or files
> with different owner will receive permissions to the actual owner).
> The behavior before the patch seems more unpredictable. 

> Is this is the expected behavior with the patch? If so, is there a
> plan to improve the behavior so that full translation of "CREATOR
> OWNER" to "special:owner" will be done? 
No, this isn't the intended behavior.
An creator owner acl that is applied to subfolders and files should be
stored as an special@:owner acl that's inheritonly and appear as a
creator owner acl in the explorer.

What's your setting for the parameter nfs4:mode?
It sounds like you have that set to special instead of simple.

In that case the creator owner entries are mapped to the special:owner@
entries since they do have the correct semantics which is a slight
improvement over dropping them at all. They are displayed as inherited
user entries right now but don't follow the semantics which is a bug in
the nfs4:mode special.

> Thanks! 
> Nimrod Sapir 
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