Adding creator owner support to nfs4:mode simple.

Nimrod Sapir NIMRODS at
Tue Oct 16 09:49:17 MDT 2012

Hi Alexander

I am trying to understand the benefit of the patch you provided. Ideally, 
I would expect that the "special:owner@" entry in gpfs will be translated 
into "CREATOR OWNER" when querying permissions using Windows, and 
vice-versa. If I understand correctly (based on what you have written and 
some tests I've done with the patch). The behavior I've seen, when using 
the patch, is that adding "CREATOR OWNER" permission through the windows 
explorer is translated into "special:owner@" on gpfs and behaves 
accordingly, but still appears as user ACE in windows explorer (although 
subfolders or files with different owner will receive permissions to the 
actual owner). The behavior before the patch seems more unpredictable.

Is this is the expected behavior with the patch? If so, is there a plan to 
improve the behavior so that full translation of "CREATOR OWNER" to 
"special:owner" will be done? 

Nimrod Sapir
IBM - XIV, Israel
NAS Development Team
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