error with configuring subdomain

Sergey Leschenko ser at
Tue Oct 9 00:59:14 MDT 2012

In my company about 50 branches across the country. I need to split them 
into subdomains.

Can I somehow get the replication from Samba4 to an external LDAP server 
(such as Openldap or FDS)?

09.10.2012 04:27, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Mon, 2012-10-08 at 17:24 +0300, Sergey Leschenko wrote:
>> Am I correct to understand that now more Samba4 no external backends LDAP?
> Correct.  The LDAP backend experiment failed.
>> May have any tips to build a structure that I have described?
>> Two main reasons for this:
>> - Management structure from a single point (external means, not through
>> the AD utilities)
>> - The possibility of a single point of a list of all users of the
>> structure (such as the address book)
> What about just doing this with a single domain?  (It really is the only
> option right now anyway).
> Andrew Bartlett

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