Samba4 RC2 test results

Zane Zakraisek doublezane at
Sat Oct 6 22:48:56 MDT 2012

I've compiled and installed the last 5 or so versions of Samba4, and I've
noticed that for me they work great in a single server environment, but
when I join a Server 2008 R2 server to the Samba domain, I notice that they
really don't play well together. The DNS zones on the Samba4 server and the
Server 2008 R2 server don't seem to be synchronizing together like they're
said to be able to on the samba-wiki. The only time that I can get the
changes to replicate is with a restart on the Server 2008 R2. With all the
bug fixes in the new RC, I haven't seen any errors in the file server yet.
It seems to be very stable

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