Samba4 RC2 test results

Matthieu Patou mat at
Sun Oct 7 01:23:41 MDT 2012

On 10/06/2012 09:48 PM, Zane Zakraisek wrote:
> Hey,
> I've compiled and installed the last 5 or so versions of Samba4, and I've
> noticed that for me they work great in a single server environment, but
> when I join a Server 2008 R2 server to the Samba domain, I notice that they
> really don't play well together. The DNS zones on the Samba4 server and the
> Server 2008 R2 server don't seem to be synchronizing together like they're
> said to be able to on the samba-wiki. The only time that I can get the
> changes to replicate is with a restart on the Server 2008 R2. With all the
> bug fixes in the new RC, I haven't seen any errors in the file server yet.
> It seems to be very stable
Ok we need much more information

You have to locate the DN for the DNS zone, first to  this seach:
ldbsearch -H ldap://<ip> --cross-ncs '(cn=partitions)' dn
ldbsearch -H ldap://<ip> -b <dn>
Where <dn> is the DN you obtained from the first search
You will find 6 objects normally it's the different naming context, 
locate the 2 ones relates to dns.
Do the following

ldbsearch -H ldap://<ip> -b <forestzonedn> repsfrom repsto --show-binary
ldbsearch -H ldap://<ip> -b <domainzonedn> repsfrom repsto --show-binary

Send us the result
Also can you post the result of samba-tool drs showrepl

Can you also use repadmin on the windows 2008R2 server to get info on 
the replication (according to windows 2008R2).

Also in order to get a better view can you use wireshark to monitor the 
traffic between the 2 DCs, and the on Samba create a new DNS record (ie. 
samba-tool dns add dcname zonename foo A, in the wireshark 
trace you should see a couple of drsuapi calls and more exactly 1 
dsreplicasync emitted from Samba (this is a replication message to tell 
the other DC that there is something to fetch) and the getncchanges from 
the Windows DC to actually get the changes.


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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