s3fs migration path

Mark Walker mark.walker at mobilefun.co.uk
Thu Oct 4 06:01:49 MDT 2012

Hey Guys,

Got my back against the wall a little with the whole NTVFS to s3fs thing
but thankfully its not the biggest Samba4 installation we have as it is a
small business.

Can anyone suggest a procedure to move smoothly to s3fs or is there no
other option but reapplying any acls to folder shares after the fact and
prior to this doing a samba-tool reset sysvol?

By the way guys, fantastic work samba devs and contributors :). Been
tracking Samba 4 since the TP releases. Hoping member server support will
work well enough to have a dedicated S4 fileserver instead of putting both
on the same box.
Mark Walker

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