Success story with patch: Samba4 on FreeBSD - one year in production

Andriy Syrovenko andriys at
Thu May 24 11:01:12 MDT 2012


Please find attached the first part of the revised patch. It addresses
the issue with some dependencies being installed in /usr/local and
eliminates the dependency on the external uuid library.

It turned out that from all the external dependencies, location of
only two packages needs to be specified explicitly. These are iconv
and gettext, so I added the '--with-gettext' option (in addition to
the already existing '--with-libiconv') and defaulted it to
/usr/local. Other packages are being found through pkg-config, except
openldap-client which anyway magically gets located in /usr/local (and
I don't really understand how it's done).

If this patch is acceptable, then I'll look into the remaining part
which is moving the extattr-related code in
source3/lib/system.c to lib/replace.

Best regards,

2012/5/22 Andriy Syrovenko <andriys at>:
> Hi Andrew,
> Thank you for your response.
>>> Please consider the possibility to include this patch into the main
>>> source tree. I can work on some changes if required.
>> I would very much appreciate it if you could, but understand if it's too
>> much.
> I'm interested in Samba4 supporting FreeBSD out of the box, so I'll
> try to find some time to work on it. I think I should start from the
> following:
>>> 1. Quite a few of Samba's external dependencies are not in the base on
>>> FreeBSD, but rather installed from ports/packages, and thus reside in
>>> /usr/local (/usr/local/include for headers and /usr/local/lib for
>>> shared objects). These are, for instance, gettext, iconv, popt just to
>>> name a few. So I modified 'buildtools/wafsamba/'
>>> to append the required paths to _CCINCFLAGS and LINKFLAGS.
>> I've started work on this.  See how in master --with-libiconv now takes
>> an argument and defaults to /usr/local?  This we need to do for all the
>> other packages you list.
> I'm fairly certain I will have some questions, so the question is
> should I send them to the list or to someone in person?
> Regards,
> Andrey.
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