facing very slow authentication responses from samba4, urget help needed

Matthieu Patou mat at samba.org
Mon May 21 11:25:28 MDT 2012

Hello Andreas,
>> Hello Matthieu,
>> with your help I was able to find one cause of the problem. It seems
>> that my postfix configuration is faulty. When sending a mail several
>> different ldap queries are sent to the samba server. This has not been
>> an issue when using the Windows DC as it could handle the requests much
>> faster than the samba4 server. These queries seem to put a lot of stress
>> to the samba processes, as the CPU utilization gets about 100% in those
>> situations (2cores>3Ghz).
> Well part of the reason is that the LDAP is only done by one process 
> at most so you can only saturate 1 core, where I suppose that MS AD DC 
> are able to split in multiple threads.
> Please also note that we have plans to improve the speed of Samba we 
> definitely know that we are not very good in some area in the AD 
> database.
> I would be interested if you could share the query that were faulty in 
> the long run it can be instructive to see what we can do to solve this.
>> I will try to fix my postfix configuration to
>> remove the useless LDAP queries.
> Matthieu.
I'm still interested about this, I would be really interested to have 
exemple of slow query in real production environment.

If you are concerned about privacy, please email me directly.


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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