[PATCH] Move pidl-generated output dir for the autoconf build

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Wed May 16 19:26:27 MDT 2012

The attached patch tries to untangle our build systems a little, so
that pidl-generated files are put in a private autoconf-only directory
by the autoconf build system.

I don't know of any specific problems this has caused, but the idea is
similar to why config.h is now in include/autoconf/config.h.  That is,
if we can have as few files overlap, we will get less 'odd' issues while
we support both build systems.

In particular, it makes the autobuild testing more valid as it means
that running ./autogen.sh in source3 (as we would need to do, to support
an autoconf enabled release) will not create files waf can see. 

Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett                                http://samba.org/~abartlet/
Authentication Developer, Samba Team           http://samba.org
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