Status of vfs_onefs

Steven Danneman steven.danneman at
Mon May 14 12:31:06 MDT 2012

Hey Metze,

I've meant to remove the vfs_onefs module from master to ease future development for you guys, but I'm sorry to say I haven't gotten around to it.

If you don't mind, feel free to delete the whole thing from the git repro in master.  

Our shipping samba version is based on 3.4 and so we only need to backport patches from that branch.


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> Sent: Saturday, May 12, 2012 1:38 AM
> To: Steven Danneman; Tim Prouty
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> Subject: Status of vfs_onefs
> Hi Steven,
> hi Tim,
> We're currently trying separate the layers within smbd, which means we
> introduce new structures (currently only for the smb1/2/3 layer). But
> it means we'll remove some parts from smbd_server_connection,
> user_struct, connection_struct and files_struct.
> As the vfs_onefs module can't be build without the onefs headers, it's
> very hard to maintain that module.
> I wonder what we should do with the vfs_onefs module, it currently uses
> some global variables and re-implements some of the core
> vfs_default_create_file code.
> Should we just remove it in master?
> We can always get it back from the git history.
> Or we just ignore the files as they're not compiled by default.
> metze

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