Your trouble with waf on FreeBSD, clang and -O3

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Wed May 2 19:42:22 MDT 2012


After our discussion last night, (where you had trouble building on
FreeBSD with clang and -O3) I realised that you were building not using
the top level build, but with make smbtoture4 from the autoconf build.

Assuming you were not able to reproduce your trouble with just the waf
build on it's own, I wonder if the override of CFLAGS in
Makefile-smbtorture4 (see below) might be related.  

I can reproduce the 'missing' -O3 on linux, but only when building via
the autoconf build as a wrapper. 


	@(cd .. && \
		CFLAGS='' $(WAF) reconfigure || \
		CFLAGS='' $(WAF) configure --enable-socket-wrapper
--enable-nss-wrapper --enable-uid-wrapper --nonshared-binary=
$(SAMBA4_BINARIES) --enable-auto-reconfigure --enable-debug

.PHONY: samba4-configure

bin/smbtorture4: $(BINARY_PREREQS) samba4-configure
	cd .. && $(WAF_BUILD) --targets=smbtorture
	cp ../bin/smbtorture bin/smbtorture4

Andrew Bartlett                      
Authentication Developer, Samba Team 

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