Samba4 how to extend the schema

steve steve at
Thu Mar 29 01:07:24 MDT 2012

El 28/03/12 19:28, Bob Miller escribió:
>> Is there a way to add my ldif e.g. using ldbmodify on an existing database?
>> Cheers,
>> steve
> I played with this a bit last summer.  The short answer is yes, you can
> add your ldif to the active directory.  ldbmodify/ldbadd/ldbsearch etc,
> all work pretty much as ldapmodify/ldapadd/ldapsearch etc.  There is
> also a script called ol2schema or some such that will convert an
> openldap schema file to one more appropriate for ldb.


The ldif is the Solaris extension to AD which enables automounter maps 
to be placed in AD, so I wouldn't even need to convert it.

Which database do I ldbmodify?


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