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Wed Mar 28 11:28:35 MDT 2012

> Is there a way to add my ldif e.g. using ldbmodify on an existing database?
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> steve

I played with this a bit last summer.  The short answer is yes, you can
add your ldif to the active directory.  ldbmodify/ldbadd/ldbsearch etc,
all work pretty much as ldapmodify/ldapadd/ldapsearch etc.  There is
also a script called ol2schema or some such that will convert an
openldap schema file to one more appropriate for ldb.  

I found things to be pretty hit and miss for working, though; the
conversion script didnt' ever get it all, and what it did get didn't
always go in correctly with ldbadd.  But most of it did work.  Since I
was only playing, I left it at that, but I am sure if I had had real
need, I would have been able to figure it out...  

A lot of my confusion/problems came from the differences between
openldap and Active Directory.  They are similar, but they are not.

One gotcha I found (pointed out by Matthieu P.) is that you cannot
necessarily delete stuff once you add it to the AD.  rather than delete
it gets marked as inactive.  Experimenting polluted my AD quite


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