samba-tool xid allocation proposal

Gémes Géza geza at
Fri Jul 20 01:01:48 MDT 2012


I would like to get your opinion about the following proposal:

Have samba-tool user and group management subcommands automatically 
allocate (if use-rfc2307 is in effect) uid/gid (xid) numbers based on 
the allocated RID, with the following algorithm:
1. Check if uid=RID and gid=RID isn't allocated yet, if not allocate it
2. If it is already allocated find the next free value (this part is 
going to be tricky with the RID pool)

At the same time it could create the loginShell and unixHomedirectory 
attributes for the user based on the winbind templates (if not specified 
on the command line)

Thank you!


Geza Gemes

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