Please help with samba 3.6 build

Jiri Sasek - Solaris Prague jiri.sasek at
Mon Jan 30 19:36:42 MST 2012

I am trying to update my build Makefile to samba 3.6.3 from the original 
samba 3.5.12 (both is build of source3)

I run into the issue with build of "everything" target. It aims to build 
smbtorture4. This target fails because of it is not configured. It looks 
the problem is in the new build system called waf. I tried to look into 
the but text here looks to be 
outdated. All of the commands here are failing.

Which only looks to work is:
  cd <...>/source4/torture
  ../../buildtools/bin/waf configure <parameters>

...but it looks the waf configure does not store its configure. When I 
try to build the "everything" target again it is also not configured and 

Can anyone help me with waf?

Thank youu in advance,


My samba-3.5.12 build Makefile is in:

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