S3/S4 migration tool -- server hostname?

Amitay Isaacs amitay at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 15:20:32 MST 2012

Hi Charles,

On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 8:27 AM, Charles Tryon <charles.tryon at gmail.com> wrote:
>  -- When I run the samba-tool domain migration tool, HOW does the script
> determine the name of the host when it created the netbios name in the
> config file, and as the base of all the DNS information?

netbios name is picked up from samba3 configuration file specified.

>  -- Is it possible to override this name as the new domain is provisioned,
> and in particular, as the domain is generated in DNS?

The only way you can override the netbios name is by changing it in smb.conf.

DNS domain is specified by --realm option to samba3upgrade.

>  -- If I change the hostname (and DNS entries) for the server, what sort of
> impact is this going to have on the clients?  One thing I know for sure is
> that any mapped folders which point to the old host name will be broken,
> but that I can deal with through the login script, or manually fixing the
> clients.
> I'm guessing that the hostname must come out of the Samba3 database, such
> as the secrets.tdb file.  I changed the "netbios" name in the old Samba3
> config file before running the conversion, and that didn't have any effect
> on the migration output.  My problem is that I run the tool and it renames
> everything on the host to the old host's name rather than using the current
> server hostname or the netbios name from the config.  I can change this
> afterwards in the generated smb.conf file to change the name of the server,
> but then the DNS information is all still pointing to the wrong place,
> which means the kerberos lookups and such will be wrong.  If it were flat
> files it would again be trivial to change it back, but with DLZ it's not so
> easy.  There are also the generated secrets and dns keytab files which
> contain the old server's name.
> (I'm trying to track through the source, but not making a lot of
> progress...)

Does the "netbios name" in smb.conf and the current server name match?


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