S3/S4 migration tool -- server hostname?

Charles Tryon charles.tryon at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 14:27:46 MST 2012

 -- When I run the samba-tool domain migration tool, HOW does the script
determine the name of the host when it created the netbios name in the
config file, and as the base of all the DNS information?

 -- Is it possible to override this name as the new domain is provisioned,
and in particular, as the domain is generated in DNS?

 -- If I change the hostname (and DNS entries) for the server, what sort of
impact is this going to have on the clients?  One thing I know for sure is
that any mapped folders which point to the old host name will be broken,
but that I can deal with through the login script, or manually fixing the

I'm guessing that the hostname must come out of the Samba3 database, such
as the secrets.tdb file.  I changed the "netbios" name in the old Samba3
config file before running the conversion, and that didn't have any effect
on the migration output.  My problem is that I run the tool and it renames
everything on the host to the old host's name rather than using the current
server hostname or the netbios name from the config.  I can change this
afterwards in the generated smb.conf file to change the name of the server,
but then the DNS information is all still pointing to the wrong place,
which means the kerberos lookups and such will be wrong.  If it were flat
files it would again be trivial to change it back, but with DLZ it's not so
easy.  There are also the generated secrets and dns keytab files which
contain the old server's name.

(I'm trying to track through the source, but not making a lot of

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