Samba4 DNS Updates - Linux Clients - Is it possible?

Mike Howard mike at
Fri Jan 20 09:24:50 MST 2012

Hi All,

So, judging by the lack of a confirmation or otherwise  from any of the 
Samba4 team (or anybody else for that matter), it's safe to conclude 
that Samba4 does not support DDNS for linux clients. Is it fair to say that?

Assuming I'm correct, it states in Chapter 6 (Domain Membership) of the 
Samba docs;

"The most common reason for which Samba may not be able to locate the 
ADS domain controller is a consequence of sites maintaining some DNS 
servers on UNIX systems without regard for the DNS requirements of the 
ADS infrastructure."

Can anybody point me at where I might learn what these DNS requirements 
are? As I've mentioned, it's pretty easy to configure DDNS on a Linux 
server for both Linux & Windows clients so armed with the aforementioned 
Samba 'DNS requirements' that's what I'll do.

Any question is easy if you know the answer!

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