renames over SMB2

Christian Ambach ambi at
Tue Feb 7 10:47:22 MST 2012

Hi Jeremy,

I was looking at the fix for Bug #8412 and was wondering if the fix is 
really correct. I would have expected that Samba needs to check if any 
other opener of the parent directory had not set FILE_SHARE_DELETE 
instead of looking at the access_mask that was used to open the parent 

So I wrote a set of rename specific tests that all pass against Win2k8r2 
but some of them fail against Samba 3.6.3 (didn't check master yet). I 
hope that at least one of them mimics the Word saving issue that was 
reported as BSO 8412.

Would you have a look at my torture test to see if they make sense?
If they do, we'll need to check why Samba fails on some of them.

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