Confused about samba4 & s3fs

Rowland Penny repenny at
Thu Aug 16 02:51:49 MDT 2012

Hi, over on the samba-users forum, somebody asked a question about  
Samba4's rfc2307 compatibility with Samba3 and got this reply:

At this stage, we still don't recommend combining file server and DC
functions.  By separating these functions onto different (virtual)
servers, you can avoid this issue.

but from '[ANNOUNCE] Samba 4.0 beta6' there is this statement:

In particular note that the new default configuration 's3fs' may have
different stability characteristics compared with our previous default
file server.  We are making this release so that we can find and fix
any of these issues that arise in the real world.

I do not understand this, the first statement says don't do it, the 
second says please try it and see if any issues arise.

There is also this statement in '[ANNOUNCE] Samba 4.0 beta6'

Samba 4.0 beta ships with two distinct file servers.  We now use the
file server from the Samba 3.x series 'smbd' for all file serving by
default.  For pure file server work, the binaries users would expect
from that series (nmbd, winbindd, smbpasswd) continue to be available.

 From these two statements from '[ANNOUNCE] Samba 4.0 beta6', my 
understanding is that 's3fs' can & should be used to test it, is this 
correct? and if not, why not.



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