waf: Add possibility to build with system libwbclient/libsmbclient

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Thu Apr 19 09:04:32 MDT 2012

On Thursday 19 April 2012 15:37:41 you wrote:
> I know it's difficult, but with this (required) patch the hope of
> libwbclient being shared with s3 and s4 goes away.  Additionally, not
> only has the default path for where winbindd is changed, but the
> protocol has also changed - so a master libwbclient just isn't going to
> work for a 3.6 winbind, and likewise a 3.6 libwbclient won't work with a
> master winbind.
> Given all this, does using a system libwbclient ever make sense?  It
> certainly is important not to disrupt the things that are linked to the
> libwbclient on the system (login tools in particular), but the right way
> to do that is to make these libraries private where public use is not
> wanted.
> I therefore propose the attached patch, to allow you to force a 'public'
> Samba lib to be private, so it won't need to be installed in the main
> system namespace, and can just be like any other internal part of Samba.
> Please let me know if you think this solves your issue,

I think if libwbclient is really incompatible with other winbind versions, 
then we need to make it private as long as Samba3 and Samba4 coexist in an 

I'm fine with that.

	-- andreas

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