Samba4: What does 'The Directory' mean?

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer mdw at
Sat Apr 14 13:05:26 MDT 2012

Hi Steve,
> When I invoke ldbmodify to modify the LDAP
the directory is what you are referencing as LDAP in the sentence above, 
LDAP however is the access protocol. In the s4 case we do often call it 
more specifically "Active Directory" since we implement lots of 
semantics of the original (MS) Active Directory on top of Windows 
Server. But some features on our side are still unsupported, eg. dynamic 
objects: (to get an 
idea) - so to be honest they are not 100% the same.

Matthias Wallnöfer

steve schrieb:
> Hi everyone
> I'm the only English speaker on our team of testers over here.
> When you guys refer to 'The Directory', how does that translate to a 
> mere mortal openSUSE user?
> e.g. I add posixAccount and uidNumber to a dn under (in?) 
> /usr/local/samba/private/sam.ldb
> steve was created by samba-tool user add steve
> 1. Is steve in the directory?
> 2. is posixAccount in the directory?
> 3. is uidNumber in the directory?
> When I invoke ldbmodify to modify the LDAP, the whole place explodes 
> and replicates to loadsa other db's too, not just sam.ldb.
> Is this what 'the directory' is?
> Can I say /usr/local/samba/private is the directory?
> Is /usr/local/samba/private the directory, but not e.g. the krb5.conf 
> file that is created by provision?
> Is there a list of files which define 'the directory'?
> Is it anything that ends with ldb?
> Cheers,
> Steve

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