Samba4: What does 'The Directory' mean?

steve steve at
Sat Apr 14 12:28:26 MDT 2012

Hi everyone

I'm the only English speaker on our team of testers over here.

When you guys refer to 'The Directory', how does that translate to a 
mere mortal openSUSE user?

e.g. I add posixAccount and uidNumber to a dn under (in?) 

steve was created by samba-tool user add steve

1. Is steve in the directory?
2. is posixAccount in the directory?
3. is uidNumber in the directory?

When I invoke ldbmodify to modify the LDAP, the whole place explodes and 
replicates to loadsa other db's too, not just sam.ldb.

Is this what 'the directory' is?

Can I say /usr/local/samba/private is the directory?
Is /usr/local/samba/private the directory, but not e.g. the krb5.conf 
file that is created by provision?
Is there a list of files which define 'the directory'?
Is it anything that ends with ldb?


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