Win2K08 does not like the order in which we add inheritable ACEs in modules/vfs_acl_common.c:add_acl_inheritable_components

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at
Mon Apr 2 10:44:38 MDT 2012

On 3/31/12, Gerald Carter <jerry at> wrote:
> On 3/31/2012 11:36 AM, Michael Adam wrote:
>> Jerry,
>> I think you misread "inheritable" (i.e. the OBJECT_INHERIT or
>> CONTAINER_INHERIT ace flags) for "inherited" (the INHERITED_ACE flag).
> ....
>>> Hey Richard,
>>> Are you sure about that?
> Nichael,
> Ahh...ok.  The original statement wasn't clear if we were
> INHERITED_ACE (as you mentioned).
> In either case, sounds like you have the issue well in hand.

Having carefully read what that link Jerry provided says, I guess it
depends on the meaning of explicit :-)

The vfs_acl_common module code is adding three aces that look to me
like explicit ACEs, although they are marked inherit only. (as well as
CI and OI).

I was adding two ACEs, both with the inherited flag. One
interpretation of the document then is that the INHERITED ACEs should
come after those added by the vfs_acl_common code.

Can anyone comment further?

Richard Sharpe

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