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Thu Sep 15 08:37:03 MDT 2011

only replying to what I know inline.

On Thu, 2011-09-15 at 16:24 +0200, Dirk Gouders wrote:
> * I accessed LDAP with jxplorer and cannot modify user data; it
>   reports that all mandatory attributes must have values.
>   I did not look too deep into it but noticed a mandatory attribute
>   "nTSecurityDescriptor" that I did not find in the user entry I wanted
>   to modify.

Is jxplorer trying to enforce something here ?
ntSecurityDescriptor contains object ACLs and is sort of special and you
do not need to set it when you modify entries.

Are you trying to create a user entry directly from jxplorer ? I would
warn against it and use native tools to create users instead.

> * With phpldapadmin the modification of e.g. displayName works, but I
>   cannot add an attribute "memberOf".  I am not sure if that would be
>   the correct way to manage group membership or if there is a better
>   way (except the tools that run under Windows) to do that.

Memberof is a linked attribute and cannot be changed, you need to change
the member attribute in the group if you want to add a user to a group.
That will modify the memberof attribute on the user entry automatically.


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