mount.cifs on Win2k8 DFS servers

Gerlando Falauto gerlando.falauto at
Mon Oct 17 09:04:22 MDT 2011


> I think this should be fixed in later kernels... I worked with Jeff
> and Steve to get some patches in for what I think is the same issue
> you're describing, and iirc they landed just after 2.6.39 but before 3.0.

OK, thanks!!!

I doubted it could have gone unnoticed for such long a time. I had 
looked up the samba bugzilla but of course the bug report was on the 
kernel's one. :-)

So I guess you're talking about these two little fellas:;a=commit;h=dd61394586dbd9387fe53b325c6807f61734cf89;a=commit;h=c1508ca23653245266e2e3ab69a8dad464f7a569

Which I painlessly merged and tested on my and are working fine 
(external behvaviour seems consistent with my ugly patch in that it 
retries after a regular mount).

Two newbie-like comments though:

1) I would've expected a more radical fix by skipping to DFS referal 
altogether when server has DFS capabilities, even before trying a 
regular connect, so to make it consistent with smbclient.
Which (as far as I can tell) has been working like this for a looong time.

2) Shouldn't this/these patch/es also make it into earlier kernels as it 
is a (not-so-negligible) bugfix?

Thank you for your patience!

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