mount.cifs on Win2k8 DFS servers

sean finney seanius at
Mon Oct 17 06:36:35 MDT 2011

On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 01:58:46PM +0200, Gerlando Falauto wrote:
> my CIFS kernel module (linux fails to mount DFS trees from
> Win2k8 servers.

> This is somewhat related to:

hrm... i recognize that one :)  reminds me i should go poke the
samba team as it's still an issue afaik...

> What should be the be best approach for facing this?
> Detecting the server has DFS capabilities and start getting DFS
> referrals to begin with?
> Has this been discussed in the past? I find it hard to believe that
> no one has reported this problem before...

I think this should be fixed in later kernels... I worked with Jeff
and Steve to get some patches in for what I think is the same issue
you're describing, and iirc they landed just after 2.6.39 but before 3.0.



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