knownfail or skip for flakey tests?

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Fri Oct 14 00:14:12 MDT 2011


>>> after discussing with Metze, I marked the
>>> samba4.drs.delete_object.python test knownfail.
>>> It seems to be flakey:
>> If the test is flaky, it should probably be skipped. having a test in
>> knownfail means that it will be reported as a failure if the test
>> actually succeeds.
> Jelmer,
> I know this is meant to be the case, but I'm pretty sure it isn't how it
> is working for now.  We have been putting flaky tests in knownfail for
> quite some time now, which allows us to tell the difference between
> 'fails' and 'segfaults'.

Sadly currently knownfail just means that we ignore failures,
but we don't turn unexpected success into an error.
We used to do that a few years ago, before we got
selftest/format-subunit and
selftest/filter-subunit as external processes.

I think we should try to fix that and add an additional
handling for flakey tests. We could then maintain
flakey-failures and flakey-errors files and also ignore errors
if needed instead of only failures.


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