A question about the permission setting of Samba

曹宇 caoyu at huaweisymantec.com
Thu Oct 13 20:44:55 MDT 2011

Hi Samba team

I did the following test:
1) Export a folder foo with samba (version 3.5.6), and the permission is rw.
2) Open a window on a windows PC named Tom to access the folder foo.
I could create or delete files.
3)Change foo's permission in the file "samba.conf" to ro,
and execute the command "samb reload" to enable the setting.

4) Try to access the shared folder again:
If access foo from the original window remained on Tom, I had the
permission of rw(Permission not changed).
If access foo from a new PC name Jack, I had the permission of
ro.(Permission changed)
If I close the window on Tom and open a new window to access the folder,
I got the permission of ro.(Permission changed)

Is this a designed feature?
Or there's any configuration options to let the client reflect the
changes of permission
without reopen the window?

Cao Yu

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