Hi ;) help me ! :)

fjong fjongone fjongone at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 08:11:38 MDT 2011

Hi, im currently setting up a Samba server on my school !
i've set it up correctly i believe and can connect via the terminal from
another linux machine by typing smbclient //HOSTNAME/FOLDDR -u USER
then i type in the password and i get
smb. />

so its working i guess

but ! my problem is ! i have no Idea how i can access my samba server from
Log In screen on a client computer example:
i turn on a computer at school and try to log in to some student user !

then it should accept and let m true !
but i dont know how to make them speek to eachother so my samba server will
allow the user to connect ??

when i type in

I've made this user "smbtestuser" without quotes
and givin it password. ************
but it wont login :P ?? can you tell me how to make them connect with
eachother even befoe the client computer is logged in ?

Reason i need this is to keep an Eye on every user and give each user a
private Username and password
a private folder ! ;)

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