Buildfarm build_test script on an embedded device.

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Wed Oct 5 23:44:51 MDT 2011

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On 2011-10-05 23:11, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:
> I've looked at the Beagleboard.  I think Kai has one.  It would be more
> powerful, certainly, than the Dockstar I'm running.  The Ethernet NIC
> shouldn't be a problem.

The problem on Beagleboards (XM or older) is the IO to the SD card. It's
ok, but not stellar. Plus there's the wear and tear on the card. I've
already killed one by setting up a swap file on it by accident. :)

> I would *not* recommend that you buy one just for this purpose.  If you have
> other reasons to get one, or you have one already, it would be very
> interesting to me to see what results you get.

Once I get back to the actual hardware, I can easily try an XM and
standard beagle build, as well as the dual-core trimslice. I have quite
a number of these things, I'm just stuck at a conference with a net
connection that's too unreliable to not try and do a remote system setup
over it.

Of course if anybody else has a system around they feel like trying this
on, go ahead.


PS: I agree that the idea with an embedded buildfarm sounds good. We
could look into cross-compiling for that if needed.

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