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Wed Nov 23 14:08:53 MST 2011

On Tue, 2011-11-22 at 23:41 -0600, Ricky Nance wrote:
> As an end user my input may not be worth much, but here goes anyway. I just
> completed my samba3upgrade (migration) to samba 4, I spent the last 2 weeks
> working with Amitay and Andrew B. getting this migration to go as smooth as
> possible. First, I had about 5 duplicate SID's I had to fix, then there
> were some group import issues that Amitay patched up for me, once the
> migration was successful, he worked out some password expiration issues as
> well, finally I ended up with a smooth migration that didn't have expired
> users, next thing was none of my shares imported over to the new smb.conf
> (took an hour to work out what samba 4 didn't like about them), then I went
> to rejoin a computer to the domain, since the account already existed it
> failed (this worked on samba 3 by the way, deleting the computer from AD
> fixed this), not a deal breaker, so time to do this on my production
> server. Tonight I did my production migration and full setup (including
> bind configuration) within an hour, once going I faced a few more issues
> that happened to be with file/folder permissions, and likely will spend
> another hour or two figuring out how to take care those. All in all it went
> pretty well, had those guys not been around to work through those bugs
> though, I would have had a heck of a time getting this done.


Thanks for being our guinea-pig on this.  We managed to resolve a number
of issues from the real world when working on your configuration, and
that experience was incredibly valuable. 

We also found some pretty show-stopper bugs, and I'm very glad you had
the patience to work those issues though with us. 

> With that all being said, I would say if a full migration can be done
> within an hour by ME, then samba 4 should be ready to at least hit a beta
> or first full release (How long has it been in alpha now?)
> PS. Samba 4 not being able to print might be a big issue still for some.
> Also Microsoft Windows 2000 shipped with 65000 known bugs... Is anything
> ever really ready to be released? Isn't that what updates are for? Time to
> get some stable packages out on the repos and get users actively
> testing/working with samba 4.
> Thats my .02 cents worth,
> Ricky (aka RiXtEr)


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