samba4 nss_winbind

Ali Bendriss ali.bendriss at
Tue Nov 22 04:29:33 MST 2011


I'm testing a fresh install of samba4 (17/11/2011 from git) on linux.
wbinfo -u work as expected but I have the following problem:
- if samba is running and I modifie nsswitch.conf to add
 passwd:         compat winbind

then  getent passwd works fine.

- but with this modification, restarting samba and running:
getent passwd again is not working and then
 wbinfo -u will not work anymore.
until I remove "winbind" from /etc/nsswitch.conf and restart samba.

If I modify only the group field in nsswitch.conf samba works fine,
even after the restart.

Is there a way to make winbind on the passwd field working ?



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