patches for time limited getncchanges

Matthieu Patou mat at
Mon Nov 14 11:22:33 MST 2011

Hello Metze,

I'm planning to push tomorrow my patches for the isRecycled and for time 
limited getncchanges.

The latter ones received a review from tridge, and for the first one 
it's from you.

I decided not to include the patch;a=commit;h=cf1ba1db88311cf3cb97cb5ffc833036be5f0850
about the sorting or the lack of sorting for the base DN.

I think it's worthwhile not to sort as we can cope with it and my tests 
with windows has shown that windows can cope too.
It saves us a big sort that can costly on a big amount of objects, but I 
don't want to delay too much my patches for something that is not 
currently critical.

Then branch I plan to push is at;a=commit;h=cf1ba1db88311cf3cb97cb5ffc833036be5f0850.

If no objection I'll push it.


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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