DNS update from s3 to s4, working with nsupdate, fails with net ads dns register

Michael Croes mycroes at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 00:57:55 MDT 2011

Hi Geza,

> Regarding packaging you are right.
> I just gave up (temporary) to try to build (the latest versions of) all the
> build and runtime dependencies (which on an git obtained source are
> included).
How did you try to package them? Yesterday I was using the debian
files from samba4 in oneiric (apt-get source samba4) and used that to
package a newer version. However soon (configure stage) there were
some dependencies like talloc 2.0.7 which were not met, so I moved on
to talloc where the source package doesn't seem directly usable
against a git clone.

The main issue is to do it once and to do it right, because after that
anyone can pick up on that and build a newer version, perhaps with
some minor issues along the way.

> I'm interested in having stable packages once samba4 stabilizes a bit (~RC1
> maybe).
I'm not sure if there's still a target for such a release, but I just
want to move a step up from where I am now. I want DNS to work
properly, that leaves me with the option of building a newer samba
release or going back to the generated named.conf.


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