Correct handling of isRecycled

Matthieu Patou mat at
Thu Nov 3 10:11:58 MDT 2011

Hello Tridge and Metze,

I pushed here:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/drs_recycled

A branch related to isRecycled handling, the changes allow samba to 
clone the behavior of Windows 2008R2 mostly.

Windows 2008r2 insists on having a compatible schema when joining a 
domain, and for all objects that are tombstones or becoming tombstones 
it hads the isRecycled=TRUE attribute if FL <2K8R2 or if the recycle-bin 
is not enabled. For already deleted objects or objects deleted on pre 
Windows 2008r2 (ie. Windows 2003r2) this attribute is added while doing 
the replication (initial or regular one).

With this patches, Samba adds this attributes to tombstones objects if 
the schema support the isDeleted attributes (commit a80863db) while 
deleting objects or during replication (initial and regular).

In order to cope with current Samba setup and without requiring them to 
run upgradeprovision or dbcheck, the kcc-deleted task has been modified 
to add this attribute if supported by the schema to deleted objects that 
do not have it (commit fad767b761f).

I also corrected the changed I made for link pointing to deleted objects 
that should not be sent, so that it takes care of the forest level 
(commit 21270a76b).

I also included a change for the removal of deleted of objects that are 
not in the Deleted Object container (commit c13e511da), I think that the 
only case I know so far are site related objects and some child objects 
that have DONOTMOVE flag (or similar).

Let me know about them.


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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