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Dhananjay Sathe dhananjaysathe at gmail.com
Tue May 31 11:59:24 MDT 2011

Hi All,

   I did do a push to the gitorious today as required . That was to a branch
of samba-gsoc which itself is a branch of samba master.
This contains a copy of the entire Samba-Gtk code with my additions.
So as to make it easier to track only my own changes i will be uploading to
another git repo more often then the usual samba-gsoc one .

I spent this week basically figuring out the finer details of samba python
and the srvsvc protocall.
(type structs, various parameters, arguments etc)
Based on what i could figure out and through thorough testing in the python
console i wrote out some basic functional code that will be called by the

At the moment i am facing 2 major challenges .

1) Many functions in samba-python are not supported in Samba-4 (the
principal target platform). So as to pick out methods that are known to be
working fine i was helped by gladiac(Andreas) , Kai and Jelmer.
(many of these could be traced to source4/rpc_server/srvsvc/dcesrv_srvsvc.c)
and figuring out the optimal types to use .
For example the share info type :
This helped me figure out the optimal share info class (structs) . For eg. i
chose type 502 as it provides sufficient data and is supported by samba4 in
all the required functions .

2) Two of the key functions namely srvsvc.NetShareAdd() and
srvsvc.NetShareSetInfo() appear to be faulty and throw up an error :
RuntimeError: (1, 'WERR_BADFUNC')

I have been working on this with Jelmer and gladiac (Andreas) to figure out
the problem.

Tackling this issue will be crucial as they are the most important functions
to add  and modify shares. and shall remain a primary focus .

 Any help regarding this will be very helpful.

 Cheers !!!

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