<AD join failed>Samba not able to join AD-Domain in Pure IPv6

Kai Blin kai at samba.org
Wed May 18 16:53:43 MDT 2011

On 2011-05-16 08:44, okmanoj wrote:
Hi Manoj,

> Currently I am try to debug this issue, meanwhile If samba members can help
> me identifying any setting required for this issue it will be great and save
> re-work.
> Please do let me know if logs are required (however it is very easy to
> reproduce) 

Actually, it turns out that it's only reproducable on an IPv6-only
system, which isn't too useful, so most devs don't run one. I happen to
have a VM that is IPv6 only, so I did see it. I just spent some fun
hours with Jeremy tracking down this bug.

In short, you can stare at the Samba code all you like, that's fine.
What actually was wrong was our getaddrinfo configure check, which was
doing the wrong things in a check designed to detect an AIX bug. This
check fails on IPv6-only systems, causing Samba to fall back to our own
implementation of getaddrinfo built to work around getaddrinfo being
broken on old systems. That version is IPv4 only. The correct fix for
this was fixing the test, so we're now using the system getaddrinfo call
on systems where it's not broken, just like intended. For me, that fixes
the net join call in IPv6-only networks. We'll have a patch available
for master and 3.6.0 soon.


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