Samba3 on OpenIndiana (patch attached)

Jeremy Allison jra at
Fri May 6 18:00:35 MDT 2011

On Fri, May 06, 2011 at 07:58:56PM -0400, Gordon Ross wrote:
> > Ok, I checked in something close - but had to comment
> > out the definitions of gss_mech_krb5 you added to
> > auth/kerberos/gssapi_pac.c as the #ifdef test you
> > added #ifndef HAVE_GSS_MECH_KRB5 wasn't defined
> > in the tests or the waf build.
> Ah, thanks for reminding me about that one. The XXX mark
> I left there means I had a question.  I think we need to add an
> autoconf test that will define HAVE_GSS_MECH_KRB5 on
> _other_ platforms (that will _not_ be found on OpenIndiana).
> So I'm not sure what's the right autoconf test to do that.
> What library exports that symbol on Linux?

Don't know. Guenther or Simo have worked the most
on this.

> I'm guessing it might look similar to this existing AC test:
>   # Heimdal checks. On static Heimdal gssapi must be linked before krb5.
>   AC_CHECK_LIB_EXT(gssapi, KRB5_LIBS, gss_display_status,[],[],have_gssapi=yes)
> Maybe right after the above, something like this?
>   AC_CHECK_LIB_EXT(gssapi, KRB5_LIBS, gss_mech_krb5)

Yeah, I tried to do something similar in the waf
code, but didn't get it to work :-(.

All the rest looked good to me though - thanks !


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