[GSOC 2011] Student interested in adding remote (RPC) support for Samba configuration

Ciorbaru Vicentiu cvicentiu at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 11:20:55 MDT 2011


My name is Vicentiu Ciorbaru, I am from Romania; a first year student at the
"Polytechnic University of Bucharest" studying Computer Science.
I am very interested in contributing to the code of SAMBA as part of the
Google Summer of Code 2011.

My skills consist in a strong background in algorithms and C programming.
I've also taken the CISCO CCNA1 class and am presently taking CCNA2.
I have a reasonable understanding of how networks work and can quickly
understand new concepts and/or networking protocols. I am also studying
at the moment for the Linux Professional Institute Certification 1.

At the moment I have installed SAMBA 3 from sources and I have looked into
it's history. I am still trying to configure the server at the moment.
is a lot of documentation that i haven't gotten through yet).

What I would like to know is how important is this project for you as an
organization. I would like to know if you have any application guidelines,
for example: what you expect to see in a student application. Also, if you
have any specific resources you could direct me to in order to help me
get more familiar with SAMBA as a whole, and what could help me in preparing
my application.

Best regards,
Vicentiu Ciorbaru

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