Samba-3.3.8 server fails to authenticate a Windows client (when it uses "NTLMv2 Only")

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Tue Mar 22 10:41:15 MDT 2011

Hi Narendra,

> I have setup a samba share and running samba server (samba-3.3.8) on a
> CentOS box.
> I connect to this from my Windows 7 client.
> This works fine when I use NTLMv1 as authentication.
> But, when I change my Windows 7 to use "NTLMv2 Only", the authentication
> fails.
> I saw "LOGON FAILURE" message (I don't know if I saw this message in samba
> logs or Wireshark traces).
> If I use a smbclient to connect and make it use NTLMv2 only, it works fine.
> So, the problem is only with NTLMv2 of Windows client.
> Can somebody tell me if I need to do any specific setting for using Windows
> client.

That was fixed in 3.3.9 (and 3.4.1 if I remember correctly) (see bug #6680)


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